Viernes, 02 Septiembre 2022 22:30

Wolf nos informa del festival de Venecia

Dear Friends,We hope you are having a good festival. Just a quick note and recap of our screenings taking place over the next couple of days. We'll be happy to see you at the P&I screenings or Premieres for EISMAYER, THE KIEV TRIAL and THE MAIDEN soon. In case you have issues with these films relating to the ticketing system, please let us know! Please also get in touch with us if we can help arrange interviews.
EISMAYER by David Wagner
Critics' Week
Saturday September 3rd
9.00 – Press, Industry – SALA PERLA
Sunday September 4th
14.00 – Premiere – SALA PERLA
When an army training officer, known and feared for his ruthless discipline, falls in love with a new recruit, an unexpected story of attraction, love and self-acceptance unfolds. David Wagner, in a story inspired by a true story from the Austrian armed forces, draws an engaging and emotional picture of how to overcome toxic masculinity and homophobia not only in societal structures, but especially inside one’s self.
THE KIEV TRIAL by Sergei Loznitsa
Out of Competition
Saturday September 3rd
19.30 – Press, Industry – SALA PERLA
22.30 – Press, Industry – SALA DARSENA
Sunday September 4th
14.30 – Premiere – SALA GRANDE
The Kiev Trial of January 1946 was one of the first post-war trials to convict Nazis and their collaborators. Using unique, previously unseen footage, Sergei Loznitsa reconstructs key moments of the trial, including the defendants’ statements and testimony from witnesses, among them survivors of Auschwitz and Babyn Yar – laying bare the ‘banality of evil’, as today Ukrainian people are once again subjected to barbaric violence.
THE MAIDEN by Graham Foy
Giornate degli Autori
Sunday September 4th
11.30 – Press, Industry – SALA PERLA
Tuesday September 6th
16.30 – Premiere – SALA PERLA
A hazy summer in Calgary, where an unexpected tragedy impacts the lives of a group of teenagers. Graham Foy’s feature debut is a beautifully shot, sensitive, poetic and impressionistic tale, weaving elements of the supernatural through the lives of teenagers longing for friendship and genuine connection. Following its world premiere in Venice, THE MAIDEN will have its North American premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

All the best,

The WOLF Team